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Cafe George by Paula
300 George St
New Haven, CT 06511

Taken from Cafe George by Paula website  :

Cafe George by Paula Food-losophy

Drawing on the bounty of each season, our daily creations are made utilizing the freshest ingredients we can find. We search high and low to supply our stores from local vendors, because it is our belief that food grown and prepared locally is fresher and retains more flavor and nutrients than food that is shipped in from out of state or even out of the country. We know you’ll notice the difference!

Each day, you will find a selection of “Daily Creations”– a few favorites, some new ideas, and just lots of wonderful flavors. We create our specials menu each day (not weeks ahead of time) because we look at what is available locally and pick the ripest tomatoes, the crunchiest carrots, the freshest steak, and the crispest greens. You just can’t know weeks in advance what will look and taste the best today!

We are always trying new flavor combinations and if you have a suggestion or a recipe you’d like us to try, please share it with me! I’m always around the cafe, usually cooking up something tasty!

Health, happiness & good eating!


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