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Nationwide Capital Funding has opened an office in Boynton Beach, FL and is servicing all of South Florida with our products and services:

  1. ATM services – Placement or sale. We lease the space and pay the business owner a piece of the surcharge (50% split) OR sell them the ATM and provide service only.
  2. Business loans and financing – A 1-5 day turnaround time of funding, including payment schedules to accommodate seasonal highs and lows with revenues, etc.. We can work with business owners on payback structure as well to make it more affordable. You have the option to repay through a small, fixed percentage of your daily credit card transactions or a weekly draw from your bank account and in return you get the money you need to grow.
  3. Payment Card Processing – Straight interchange low rates OR 2 price model where business owner passes the fees by offering a cash or non-cash price and essentially pays NOTHING to process cards. (Think Cash and Credit pricing at gas stations) – The customer has the option to pay a cash or non-cash price and effectively eliminates almost all of the interchange fees associated with processing those payment cards. If you are currently using this platform, we also offer a CASH rebate, on top of NOT paying any fees and you end up keeping all of your sales versus just 97.5% of your sales.
  4. Point of Sale Systems – Variety to choose from and we can run virtual demos for all our solutions

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